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Online Exhibition

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Online Exhibition

The exhibition is brought to you by Russia National Music Museum

XV Competition 2015


Competition is a living organism. It changes in the same way as people and time change, as the performing art itself matures. And the Tchaikovsky Competition is no exception... The current Tchaikovsky Competition is special because it takes place in the year of Pyotr Ilyich’s anniversary. It is at such moments that there is a need
to take a fresh look at the heritage of the composer, to approach his work more carefully, to think about what is written in the notes, and, so to say, re-imbued with respect for his personality.

Alexander Rudin

Competition Laureates


1st Prize
Dmitry Masleev (Russia)
2nd Prize
George Lee (USA)
Lukas Geniusas (Russia-Lithuania)
3rd Prize
Sergey Redkin (Russia)
Daniil Kharitonov (Russia)
4th Prize
Люка Дебарг (Франция)


1st Prize
Not awarded
2nd Prize
Yu-Chen Zeng (China)
3rd Prize
Pavel Milyukov (Russia)
Gaik Kazazyan (Russia)
Alexandra Conunova (Moldova)
4th Prize
Клара-Джуми Кан (Германия)
5th Prize
Пом Сори Ким (Республика Корея)
6th Prize
Not awarded


1st Prize
Andrei Ionitza (Romania)
2nd Prize
Alexander Ramm (Russia)
3rd Prize
Alexander Buzlov (Russia)
4th Prize
Пабло Феррандес (Испания)
5th Prize
Сон Мин Кан (Республика Корея)
6th Prize
Джонатан Роузман (Нидерланды)

Voice (male)

Grand Prix
Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar (Mongolia)
1st Prize
Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar (Mongolia)
2nd Prize
Chuanyue Wang (China)
3rd Prize
Han Seung Yu (Republic of Korea)
4th Prize
Дмитрий Григорьев (Россия)

Voice (female)

1st Prize
Yulia Matochkina (Russia)
2nd Prize
Svetlana Moskalenko (Russia)
3rd Prize
Mane Galoyan (Armenia)
4th Prize
Антонина Весенина (Россия)


Dmitry Bashkirov (Russia)
Michel Beroff (France)
Boris Berezovsky (Russia)
Sergey Dorensky (Russia)
Peter Donohoe (Great Britain)
Barry Douglas (Great Britain)
Denis Matsuev (Russia)
Vladimir Ovchinnikov (Russia)
Menachem Pressler (USA)
Klaus Helwig (Germany)
Martin Engstrom (Sweden)
Alexander Toradze (USA)
Vladimir Feltsman (USA)
Salvatore Accardo (Italy)
Yuri Bashmet (Russia)
Maxim Vengerov (Russia-Israel)
Liana Isakadze (Germany-France)
Leonidas Kavakos (Greece)
Ilya Kaler (USA)
Boris Kushnir (Austria)
Michaela Martin (Romania-Germany)
Vadim Repin (Russia)
Viktor Tretyakov (Russia)
Maxim Fedotov (Russia)
Vera Qiu Wei Ling (China)
James Enes (USA)
Michael Haeflier (Switzerland)
Nikolay Znaider (Denmark)
Roman Simovic (Serbia)
Mario Brunello (Italy)
Jian Wang (China)
David Geringas (Lithuania-Germany)
Clive Gillinson (Great Britain)
Alexander Knyazev (Russia)
Misha Maisky (Israel)
Ivan Monighetti (Switzerland-Russia)
Sergey Roldugin (Russia)
Lynn Harrell (USA)
Myung Hwa Chung (Republic of Korea)
Sarah Billinghurst (New Zealand)
Olga Borodina (Russia)
Eva Wagner (Germany)
Julia Varadi (Hungary)
Larisa Gergieva (Russia)
Mikhail Kazakov (Russia)
Thomas Quasthoff (Germany)
Christina Muti (Italy)
Dennis O'Neill (Great Britain)
Tobias Richter (Germany)
John Fisher (Great Britain)
Mikhail Petrenko (Russia)
Samuel Ramey (USA)
Chenye Yuan (China)