Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Question: I would like to take part in the Competition, but I am older/under the age stated in the Conditions.
    Answer: Unfortunately, you may not take part in the Competition.

  • Question: When is the deadline of application submission due to?
    Answer: The Application deadline is at 24:00 hours Moscow time (GMT+3) on April 5, 2019.

  • Question: I have not been the winner of any international competition for the previous three years, may I submit an application?
    Answer: Yes, you may.

  • Question: I have already proceeded with an application, but I’d like to change my competition repertoire.
    Answer: Changes to the repertoire will be accepted to 14 April 2019. We kindly ask you to send us an e-mail to with new repertoire attached.

  • Question: Should the video be recorded in a studio or is it possible to enclose an unprofessional recording?
    Answer: An unprofessional video recording may be submitted.

  • Question: When a sonata/concerto performance is recorded on a video, is it ok to turn off the camera during the breaks between the parts?
    Answer: It is not allowed to turn off the camera, as there should be no record interruption during the performance of one piece of music.

  • Question: May I attach a video recording where I perform different pieces of music on different sites?
    Answer:  No, you may not. All the pieces should be performed on one site.

  • Question: Is it possible to send a video recording of my performance with orchestra?
    Answer: Yes, it is possible if you are performing solo with orchestra.

  • Question: Where should I upload a video recording to in order to submit it as a web-link?
    Answer: Videos can be uploaded to any video-hosting site, but please note, that access to some web-sites may be limited in some countries.

  • Question: When paying the entrance fee, my bank requires payment of the commission.
    Answer: The application fee does not include the bank transfer fee. The bank transfer fee should be paid by the applicant in addition to the amount of USD $200.

  • Question: If I do not advance to the Round I, will you return me the application fee?
    Answer: The application fee is nonrefundable.

  • Question: I am the first-prize winner of a competition, which is member of the World Federation of International Competitions/the All-Russian Music Competition, should I enclose a video recording?
    Answer: You should submit all the necessary documents and materials, including a video recording.

  • Question: May I perform pieces from the Rounds I, II, III of the Competition on the Qualifying round?
    Answer: Yes, you may,

  • Question: May I perform a movement of a sonata?
    Answer: According to the Rules of the Competitions, all the pieces must be performed in whole, so single movements of a sonata are not to be performed, but it is permitted to perform one part of a suite, cyclus. We kindly ask you to forward us questions on a particular piece to

  • Question: The requirements for the program indicate the maximum duration of each Round, does it include pauses between pieces, setting time and applause?
    Answer: Yes, pauses between pieces, setting time and applause are included in this time.

  • Question: Why must I provide the Competition Directorate with scores or parts as it states in the Round III of the categories “Piano”, “Cello”, “Voice”?
    Answer: Since apart from the compulsory pieces, the participant must perform the concerto/opera aria of his/her choice, there may not be scores of rarely performed pieces in the orchestra library. We recommend preparing these materials in advance and having them with you in electronic format during the Competition.

  • Question: “Cello” category: which version of the Rococo Variations should I perform?
    Answer: You may perform any version, but please indicate the author of the chosen version in your repertoire.

  • Question: May I perform a piece composed by myself in the Competition?
    Answer: Yes, you may, if this piece meets the repertoire requirements. The music sheets are to be forwarded to the Competition Directorate in advance.

  • Question: The Conditions say that all rights to broadcast audio and video recordings of Competition rounds and the final concerts featuring winners belong to the Directorate of the Competition; may I refuse to transfer the rights to the recordings with my participation?
    Answer: This is not possible – by submitting the application the contestant agrees to the Conditions of the Competition, otherwise he/she may not take part in the Competition.

  • Question: When will I receive an invitation to take part in the Competition?
    Answer: Upon the video selection made, the Directorate would send an official invitation to the participants advanced to the Round I.

  • Question: Will there be invitations for participants at the opening concert?
    Answer: No, the contestants can purchase concert tickets on their own.

  • Question: The Competition Directorate provides the contestants with hotel accommodation in twin rooms. With whom will I live? Can I live with my accompanist? Can I settle with another participant from my country?
    Answer: We kindly ask you to forward us your concerns to, we will do our best for your comfortable stay at the Competition.