"I would like to see more concerts and tours of wind instrument performers"

"I would like to see more concerts and tours of wind instrument performers"

Fyodor Shagov (tuba), winner of the 1st prize of the II Russian Music Competition (2018), the 2nd prize of the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition (2019)

My professor Alexander Kazachenkov advised me to participate in the competition, and my wife, the pianist Karina Shagova, supported this idea, and we began to prepare. At that time, I was preparing for two competitions at once: the international competition in Germany and the II Russian Music Competition. The software requirements didn't match, and it was a very rewarding experience for me. Both competitions ended successfully thanks to concentration and purposeful preparation.

I studied at the Russian Academy of Music. The Gnessin state musical College in Moscow and at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. I am eternally grateful to my professors Alexander Kazachenkov and Andreas Martin Hofmayer for the invaluable lessons, for their support and friendship!

I am currently working on several projects, updating my repertoire and preparing new concert programs, which I hope will be performed soon. I am in demand in all aspects of my work.

What can I say for young people who want to devote themselves to creativity?

Never stop there, develop, give beautiful music to your listeners!

To the organizers of the competition and the "ROSCONCERT" – of course, prosperity!

I am grateful to everyone who was involved in the creation and holding of the Russian Music Competition and the International Tchaikovsky Competition. These competitions are unique, they cover all specialties, identify talents and help them develop.

And I would like to see more concerts and tours of performers on wind instruments, as at the moment, brass players especially need support from concert organizations.