"Definitely, I pulled out a lucky ticket without planning it"

"Definitely, I pulled out a lucky ticket without planning it"

Maria Barakova (solo singing), 1st prize of the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition (2019)

To be honest, I did not expect that I would be among the participants at all, I am silent about the prize-winning, but the fact that it happened is a real miracle. My plans were to observe this competition and only then, in 2023 to make a loud and confident statement about myself. But since I won the XXVI Glinka International Competition, and the first place was a "pass" for the first round, I certainly drew a lucky ticket, without planning it.

I would like to thank all, absolutely all teachers and coaches, because each of them made their own contribution, thanks to which I develop as a person and as a singer, which helped me win the competition.

I studied at the Murov Novosibirsk Music College (class of teacher Svetlana Balashova), I study at the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music (class of Professor Vladimir Malchenko), also I improving in the Youth Opera Program of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia.

Definitely, my life has changed dramatically after the contest. There were new acquaintances, venues, performances, and very warm relations with many participants and organizers of the contest.

At the moment, I have quite a lot of different concert performances. I have made a series of debuts at the Bolshoi Theater.

I'd like to thank ROSCONCERT for all that they are doing to make the Tchaikovsky Competition one of the most recognizable and significant in the world.

I would like to say future contestants to believe in themselves, work hard and remember that it is important to develop not only in one activity (only in singing, for example). Languages and other musical subjects are also very important both for general development and for musicality in general. I wish the contest new bright names and prosperity.