"The main thing is to treat our profession as honestly as possible»

"The main thing is to treat our profession as honestly as possible»

Konstantin Yemelyanov (piano), winner of the 1st prize of the III Russian Music Competition (2018), the 3rd prize of the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition (2019)

The winners of the Russian Music Competition get the opportunity to enter the Tchaikovsky competition immediately on the first round, bypassing the qualifying stages, and to take part in the Tchaikovsky competition is a cherished goal for many young musicians. This circumstance was the key factor for me to participate in the Russian competition, in which, in fact, I participated twice, but the first time did not work out, and on the second attempt I already managed to get the first prize. There is a time for everything.

Of course, the Tchaikovsky competition divided my life into "before" and "after". Thanks to the competition, I got a large number of concert offers and invitations.

 I am grateful to all my teachers. I was lucky enough to learn from real musicians. This is my first teacher in the Interscholastic Aesthetic Center of the city of Krasnodar Tamara Krivorotova. And my teacher at the school at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Olga Mechetina. My conservative teachers, professors: Alexander Mndoyants, Andrey Pisarev, Pavel Nersesyan, Nikolai Lugansky. And of course, my dear Professor Sergey Dorensky, whose meeting was fateful for me.

I would like to express my gratitude to ROSCONCERT for the excellent organization of competitions and support for young musicians, and I wish you to continue to expand your creative geography. And of course, to discover new names!

What can I say for young musicians? Everyone has their own way, very individual. The main thing is to treat our profession as honestly as possible. And a lot of work.