"Behind every success there is serious work»

"Behind every success there is serious work»

Maria Motolygina (solo singing), 3rd prize of the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition (2019).

Participation in the Tchaikovsky Competition is a milestone in the life of any musician. And those who decide to take part in such a landmark event, and then also have success, thereby set an example to aspiring singers, inspire and motivate them. At some point, I realized that I was ready to try my hand and, with the support of my teachers, I began training.

The Tchaikovsky Competition has always been for me the height to which I wanted to strive.

I remember how I was worried about the participants of the previous competition, then I did not even think that I could be among the participants, and even more so the winners.

But, as we all understand, behind every success there is a certain amount of time and serious work. And behind each singer is a team of teachers, pianists, language coaches and acting coaches.

At every stage, I had excellent teachers and pianists. I started my journey in my hometown. She graduated from the Music College (class of M. V. Stepanchuk), then from the Saratov Conservatory named after L. V. Sobinov (class of Professor L. V. Belova), and from an assistant internship at the Ural State Conservatory named after I. P. Mussorgsky in the class of Professor L. P. Polyakova. In parallel with my studies in Yekaterinburg, I was lucky enough to become a participant in the Youth Opera Program of the Bolshoi Theater under the direction of D. Y. Vdovin. With awe, respect and gratitude I treat every teacher who met on my way. 

First of all, the performances at the competition allowed us to test our strength, because participation requires a lot of concentration and mobilization of our forces. It was an invaluable experience in my life.

The competition spurred me on and gave me even more courage and passion for my work. After the participation, invitations to performances and concerts began to arrive. Every day I continue to hone my skills, work on a new repertoire, and I am ready for new challenges.

My main wish to young singers is to believe in their own strength, to try and boldly go forward. And yet-do not be afraid of failure! After all, going through difficulties, we find and know ourselves.

I would like to thank ROSCONCERT for the excellent organization and support during the competition. And I wish you the discovery of new talented musicians who will bear the title of winners of the Tchaikovsky Competition with honor and dignity!