A winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition holds one of the most respected titles there is. I warmly congratulate all of the victors and wish you ongoing success. There is simply no doubt that you will achieve it. Your skill and talent will open the doors to leading concert halls and theatres. In this you will be helped along by the revival of one of the Competition’s traditions, which is arranging concert tours for its winners.
Vladimir Putin President of Russia
The Competition was a striking and splendid event in the musical life of the whole world.
Olga Golodets Deputy Prime Minister
of the Russian Federation
We shall do everything in our power to assure that these wonderful young musicians, who are already full-fledged artists, will have a chance over the next three or four years to perform in Russia—not only in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but also in Russia’s regions—as well as in Europe, North America, Asia, and in a great many concert halls, theatres, and festivals. This is our commitment, we have promised it, and we will definitely make it happen.
Valery Gergiev Artistic and General Director
of the Mariinsky Theatre
The audience for the Competition has grown unbelievably. And this is a fantastic result. The broadcasts have raised its profile, increased awareness of the Competition throughout the world of music, and will draw future competitors to it.
Alexei Shalashov General Director
of the Moscow State Filarmonia
This Competition was absolutely phenomenal by any standard. We can start with the fact that there was an online audience for the Competition of more than ten million from 186 countries. That means that nearly all of the participants, whether they won or not, became incredibly popular overnight. We can add that anyone who got to the finals has it made. I had hoped all along that this Tchaikovsky Competition would be a source of positive news about Russia, the kind of news that has been in short supply for quite some time.
Denis Matsuev Jury - Piano
I was inspired by the playing of all the contestants, especially in the final performances with an orchestra when the musician must showcase his individuality. There is no time then to discuss details the way you might with your pianist. There is just a single rehearsal where you have to work out how to take things with the orchestra in hand and give the most effective performance possible.
Jan Vogler Jury - Cello
What was very important to me in the Competition is that a cohort of excellent new violinists and new personalities with fresh interpretations came to light. I found great enjoyment in the playing of most of the competitors.
Maxim Fedotov Jury - Violin
I congratulate not only those who made the finals, but also all the participants. The standard was exceptional.
Mischa Maisky Jury - Cello
It is a great thing that Gergiev brought to the jury such pivotal persons in the world of music as Clive Gillinson, the Executive and Artistic Director of Carnegie Hall, Martin Engström, Executive Director of the Verbier Festival, and Michael Haefliger, Executive and Artistic Director of the Lucerne Festival. They have a broad artistic perspective and their opinion is extremely valuable. I hope that many of the competitors—and not only the winners—will get invaluable benefit from associating with them.
Vadim Repin Jury - Violin
The composers are the real artists, not us. Our art lies in interpretation, and that takes a special gift. In the Competition we were looking for those that have it. However, in the end it is the audience that decides. The Competition provides the opportunity to make a name for oneself and attain success. However, the hardest part is really what comes next. It is very difficult to keep functioning at a top level.
Dennis O’Neill Jury - Voice
As director of a theatre, whenever I see a young singer, I immediately think about how he or she might appear on stage in a particular piece of the repertoire. That is part of my criteria for judging them—their artistry and charisma. Either I can see this artist in the part, or I can’t.
Tobias Richter Jury - Voice
Every one of the finalists will be a major musician.
Michel Béroff Jury - Piano
The professional level of the competitors was extraordinarily high. I am very pleased with the results of the Competition.
Martin Engström Jury - Piano
The Tchaikovsky Competition gives musicians what they must be given—acclaim and a chance to perform. It played a huge part in my career. It is one of the most prestigious and challenging competitions in the world.
Boris Berezovsky Jury - Piano
The Tchaikovsky Competition has now reached a completely new milestone.
Alexander Kniazev Jury - Cello
The Competition was extremely impressive. I was especially glad that the level of the competitors had advanced since the previous one.
Olga Borodina Jury - Voice
I won’t comment on the playing of individual participants, but I will say that level of technique in the Competition was extremely high. And when there is such a high technical level, we on the jury can concentrate on completely different aspects—on the music itself, the capacity of the pianists to communicate with the world, on their sense of style, on the colouration of sound, and so on.
Peter Donohoe Jury - Piano
We looked for singers at a level suitable for the Competition. As a result very strong and interesting vocalists from different schools of performance were selected.
Larisa Gergieva Jury - Voice
We are attending an event that, for the most part, is like a real concert. All the members of the jury take pleasure in applauding. When the musicians come on stage to be evaluated, the atmosphere is not tense and intimidating. The jury tries to encourage a positive mood for the competitors, and in the subsequent pieces they are even more enthusiastic. The audience very much enjoys the Competition.
David Geringas Jury - Cello
The Tchaikovsky Competition is one of the most prestigious contests and gives an incredible impetus to a future career in music.
Ilya Kaler Jury - Violin
The criteria for judgment may be very different, and we are all different persons with different psychological makeups. In my view the main criterion is persuasiveness. Does the performer know how to take things in hand and involve us in what he is playing and in the tale that he spins on stage, or is it a tedious student performance where you immediately pick up on the inaccuracies and errors? When there is an artistic character to it, you begin to attend to the development of the theme.
Ivan Monighetti Jury - Cello
Valery Gergiev will open music festival in Verbier
Organizers, Piano
Dmitry Masleev performs Shostakovich | Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
100 years of the return of the status of the capital: Vladimir Spivakov gave an anniversary concert.
Russian pianist Sergey Redkin - a laureate of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition - performed at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall on 5th of March.
French pianist Luke Debarg - IV Prize of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition - performed at the Rachmaninov Concert Hall(Philharmonia-2) on 5th of March.
The owner of the Grand Prix, the first prize and the gold medal of the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition received Grammy.
Laureats and contestants of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition will participate in the "Prokofiev Marathon"
Cello, Piano, Voice
The contestants of the XV International Tchaikovsky competition will come to Belgium to participate in the Queen Elisabeth Competition

About the competition

The International Tchaikovsky Competition, first held more than 50 years ago, is not only a valuable asset of Russian musical culture but is also one of the major events in the international music community.
The International Tchaikovsky Competition is held once every four years

The main purpose
of the musical
competition is revealing
new talent

The first, in 1958, included two disciplines - piano and violin. Beginning with the second competition, in 1962, a cello category was added, and the vocal division was introduced during the third competition in 1966. In 1990, a fifth discipline was announced for the IX International Tchaikovsky Competition - a contest for violin makers which was held before the main competition.


This year's competition is dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Russian composer.

Jubilee XV International Tchaikovsky Competition will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg from June 15 to July 3, 2015.

 Past editions have spawned such renowned musicians as pianists Van Cliburn, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Mikhail Pletnev, Grigory Sokolov; violinists Viktor Tretiakov, Gidon Kremer, Victoria Mullova; cellists David Geringas, Nathaniel Rosen, Antonio Meneses and singers Evgeny Nesterenko, Elena Obraztsova and Deborah Voigt.