Moscow and Saint Petersburg

19 June – 1 July 2023

Including the categories of piano, violin, cello, voice, woodwind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon), and brass instruments (French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba)

1. The XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition (hereafter referred to as the “Competition”) will be held in the following cities: Moscow (piano and violin) and Saint Petersburg (cello, voice, woodwind instruments [flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon], and brass instruments [French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba]) from 19 June to 1 July 2023. The founders of the Competition are the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

2. The Competition will include the following categories: piano, violin, cello, voice (female and male), woodwind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon), brass instruments (French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba).

3. The Competition is open to musicians from all countries in the world. The age limit of participants as of the date of the Competition opening (17 June 2019) for instrumentalists is not younger than 16 and not older than 32 years of age inclusive; and for singers, not younger than 19 and not older than 32 years of age inclusive.

First-prize winners of previous Tchaikovsky Competitions are not permitted to compete again.

4. The Competition will invite no more than 25 pianists, 25 violinists, 25 cellists, 48 woodwind players, 48 brass players, and 60 singers (30 female and 30 male). Contestants will be selected by expert juries designated by the Organizing Committee of the Competition as per the results of a qualifying pre-screening round (based on submitted application materials and online video program screening).

5. Official address of the Competition Directorate:

Directorate of the International Tchaikovsky Competition

Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture ROSCONCERT

Arkhangelsky pereulok, 10/2, Moscow, Russia, 101000

Phone: +7 (495) 748 67 77



The Application deadline is April 16, 2023. The application to the Competition must be submitted through personal account on the Competition website and include the following documents and materials:

- application form (duly completed and signed);

- copy of the candidate's identification document (birth certificate or passport);

- biography (approximately 1,000 characters including spaces);

- color photos in digital format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, including one close-up photo suitable for publication;

- copy of diploma or educational credentials;

- copies of awards from international competitions received in the last three years;

- two letters of recommendation: one letter from the candidate's last teacher and the other from a musician(s) of international recognition. Letters must be written as a special recommendation to participate in the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition in English or Russian languages.

- detailed competition repertory (indicating the key of compositions, related parts, and duration of the video selection and Competition program). Changes to the repertory will be accepted only prior to 1 May 2023;

- list of concerti with orchestra in the candidate's repertory (at least four) which are ready for performance in the 2023-2024 season (for pianists, violinists, cellists, woodwinds, and brass);

-list (if any) of major solo and chamber works (or opera roles for singers) with the dates of their last public performance;

-video program recorded for application to the Competition, which must be unedited and recorded between December 2022 and March 2023, strictly at one venue. The video must be submitted electronically as a web-link. (Applicants are solely responsible for the functionality of web-links.) Videos should be made by one fixed camera without interruption during the performance of one piece of music and show a musician as he/she is seen from the audience perspective (in full growth);

-Bank details of the applicants (account number and SWIFT/BIC codes)

2. The application form must be completed either in English or Russian. Incomplete applications or applications without required accompanying materials will not be accepted. Applicants should keep copies of all materials sent. Submitted materials cannot be returned. The Competition Directorate will confirm receipt of complete applications.

1. The Competition consists of a qualifying (pre-screening) round (based on online video selections) and three live rounds: Round I, Round II, and Round III (final).

1.1. The qualifying (pre-screening) round (based on online video selections) evaluates all candidates who have submitted all necessary application documents and materials. The selection of candidates for participation in the qualifying round (video selection) will be made on the basis of the proper submittal of video recordings and application documents.

The selection committee reserves the right to immediately admit first-prize winners of competitions which are members of the World Federation of International Competitions, and the All-Russian Music Competition.

1.2. Participating in Round I will be no more than 25 pianists, 25 violinists, 25 cellists, 60 singers (30 male and 30 female), 48 woodwind players, and 48 brass players.

In an exceptional case, upon the request of the Preliminary Auditions Jury or the Working Group of the Competition, the number of participants in each category can be increased by no more that 5 people.

1.3. Participating in Round II will be no more than 12 pianists, 12 violinists, 12 cellists, 20 singers (without specific gender split), 16 woodwind players, and 16 brass players.

1.4. Participating in Round III will be no more than 6 pianists, 6 violinists, 6 cellists, 8 singers (4 female and 4 male), 8 woodwind players, and 8 brass players.

2. Rounds I and II will take place in the format of a solo recital, and Round III as a performance with orchestra.

3. Contestants (except pianists) can bring their own accompanists, which needs to be indicated in their application. Otherwise, contestants can perform with an accompanist provided by the Directorate free of charge to the participant (one rehearsal before Round I and Round II).

4. The order of contestants in Round I will be determined by a drawing of lots, and that order will remain throughout the entire Competition. Juries of each category reserve the right to change the order of contestants.

5. Participants will be provided with practice facilities and will be given rehearsal times before each round on the stage of the respective concert hall.

6. Pianists will be given time (on 15 and 16 June 2019) to select pianos. Pianists will be free to change their choice of instrument at any time, but they should inform the Directorate at least one day prior to their next performance. However, a new tryout of instruments can only be arranged for the final round.

7. Contestants must perform their repertory by memory. Exceptions are sonatas for violin and piano, and cello and piano, as well as for woodwinds and brass in Rounds I and II. The jury, in consensus, may consider allowing the use of sheet music for performances in the Brass Instruments and Woodwinds categories during the third round.

8. The Competition will be held in accordance with the schedule published on the official website of the Competition.

9. All performances will be open to the public.

10. Contestants are not permitted to have contact with any jury member during their participation in the Competition. Failure to observe this rule may lead to disqualification of the contestant.

11. The results of the rounds will be announced after the last performance of each round.

1. Contestants admitted to Round I and their accompanists (pianists) will be provided with hotel accommodation no less than 3* (double occupancy) from the date stated on the official invitation until the end of the contestant’s participation in the Competition.

Contestants who have passed onwards to Round III of the Competition will be provided with accommodation (single rooms) until the end of the Competition.

Competitors who have not passed onwards to Round II or Round III of the Competition will be provided with accommodation (double occupancy) till the end of the  Competition.

Accompanists (pianists) of the contestants will be provided with accommodation until the end of their contestant’s participation in the Competition, but no later than the end of Round II.

The Competition Directorate in accordance with the transport application submitted by the participant will purchase airline or train tickets to Moscow or St. Petersburg for the participant who has been admitted to the First Round, and for his/her accompanist (pianist). Tickets for cello, trombone and tuba will be also purchased if necessary.

The return air ticket in economy class, or train ticket from Moscow or Saint Petersburg to the destination, noted in transport application, will be purchased by the Directorate according to the data in the  transport application, but no later than two days  after the end of the Competition. Subsequent changes in the date of departure and / or route are carried out at the expense of the party initiating these changes.

Competitors admitted to Round I and their accompanists (pianists) will be provided with meals from the date indicated on the invitation until the end of their participation in the Competition.

The competitor (and his accompanist) independently ensures timely arrival at the airport / railway station of the city of departure. Upon arrival in the cities of the Competition (Moscow or St. Petersburg), the Directorate of the Competition provides the contestant and his accompanist with a transfer from the airport / railway station to the hotel, as well as from the hotel to the airport / railway station on the way back.

2. Contestants who receive an invitation to participate in the Competition and who live in countries with a visa regime with the Russian Federation should contact their nearest Russian Consulate to obtain a Russian visa. The Directorate will provide all necessary invitations; however, the Directorate will not be responsible for obtaining visas and related costs.

3. Contestants who participate in the Competition but refuse to perform for any reason must bear all costs for their accommodation and travel.

4. For under age participants, the Directorate may additionally pay for travel and accommodation of their accompanying person.

1. The Organizing Committee of the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition will present 6 prizes for pianists, 6 prizes for violinists, 6 prizes for cellists, 8 prizes for performers of woodwind instruments, 8 prizes for performers of brass instruments, 4 prizes for female singers, and 4 prizes for male singers. Only one Grand Prix winner may be chosen from among all the first-prize winners from all categories.

Cash prize amounts will be the following:

Grand Prix: USD $100,000 in addition to the 1st Prize cash award;

1st Prize USD $30,000 and Gold Medal;

2nd Prize USD $20,000 and Silver Medal;

3rd Prize USD $10,000 and Bronze Medal;

4th Prize USD $5,000 and Diploma;

5th Prize USD $4,000 and Diploma;

6th Prize USD $3,000 and Diploma;

7th Prize USD $2,500 and Diploma;

8th Prize USD $2,000 and Diploma.

2. Prizes will be paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Federal Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of payment by transfer to the contestant's bank account.

3. Based on the results achieved and within the established number of awards the juries reserve the right:

a) not to award all prizes;

b) to divide prizes between contestants (with the exception of Grand Prix and 1st Prize).

4. The two best-performing participants of Round II who do not pass onwards to Round III, determined by the respective jury for each category, will be awarded with a Diploma and an incentive prize of USD $1,000.

5. The jury reserves the right to award the best accompanists (not more than two in each category), with the amount of USD $1,000 and a Diploma.

6. Decisions of the juries are final and not revocable.

7. In the case that a First prize in any of the categories is not awarded, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to award the First prize from among the finalists.

8. In coordination with the Organizing Committee it is possible to establish special and additional prizes and awards by any state, commercial, public, or creative organizations, both Russian and foreign. Terms for such prizes and awards must be agreed with the Organizing Committee.

1. Finalists and their accompanists will be required to perform without compensation in the closing ceremonies and winners' concerts on 30 June 2022 in Moscow and 1 July 2023 in Saint Petersburg.

2. All rounds of the Competition may be broadcasted live and recorded for future video and audio broadcasts and publications. The Competition will be partially or fully available for viewing via the Internet.

3. All rights to broadcast audio and video recordings of Competition rounds, and the final concerts featuring winners, at no performance fee to contestants, belong to the Directorate of the Competition, as well as for the sale and distribution of these materials.

4. Contestants and their accompanists must sign a document confirming no claims on their part on the use by the Directorate and its authorized representatives of the above-mentioned audio and video materials. The Directorate and its authorized representatives do not have any financial obligations to the contestants for the use of materials obtained.

5. In accordance with the agreement with the Directorate, the winners of the first three prizes in each category will perform free of charge in no more than two concerts within the framework of the XVII International P.I. Tchaikovsky. Competition participants must not have any other professional obligations during the Competition.

6. The Directorate does not provide contestants, accompanists, and/or other accompanying persons with any kind of insurance.

7. Contestants must not have any other professional commitments while participating in the Competition.

8. The application signed by the candidate for participation in the Competition serves as evidence that the potential participant of the Competition fully accepts and undertakes to fulfill the present Conditions noted in this document.

9. All information posted on the official website of the Competition is correct at the time of publication. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes, if circumstances so require. In case of any disagreements in the interpretation of the Russian and English versions, the Russian version will prevail.

Offer Agreement for Participation