The drawing of the participants of the Competition in the Brass category took place


Drawing was held for the performers on brass instruments at the Hall of the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella.

Draw results:

1. Ren Ziming (French horn) China
2. Stasenko Timothy (Trombone) Russia
3. Reydellet Charles (French horn) France
4. Uzhilovskii Mikhail (Tuba) Russia
5. Baek Doyoung (Trumpet) South Korea
6. Andresyuk Andrei (Trombone) Russia
7. Veronese Ian (Trombone) Italy
8. Abdykalykov Zhasulan (Trumpet) Kazakhstan
9. Ouyang Beili (French horn) China
10. Liubarskaia Lada (Trumpet) Russia
11. Song Xuan (French horn) China
12. Sokolik Dmitrii (Trombone) Russia
13. Ivanov Aleksei (Trumpet) Russia
14. Wang Zhiyuan (French horn) China
15. Zhao Yuhe (French horn) China
16. Kvitantsev George (Tuba) Russia
17. Dziedik David (Tuba) Russia
18. Guo Zhicheng (Trumpet) China
19. Junqi Yu (Trombone) China
20. Zhou Di (Tuba) China
21. Samigullin Vilnur (Tuba) Russia
22. Ji Zhengxu (Trumpet) China
23. Mezentsev Vladimir (French horn) Russia
24. Leon Branimir (Trombone) Venezuela
25. Kim Dongmin (Trumpet) South Korea
26. Stranatkovskii Nikolai (Trumpet) Russia
27. Liu Andy (French horn) Canada
28. Son Jangwon (Trumpet) South Korea
29. Chmel Aleksandr (Tuba) Russia
30. Wang Xingao (Tuba) China
31. Zhao Zijun (Tuba) China
32. Jin Zhicheng (French horn) China
33. Yang Yaohua (French horn) China
34. Salomatnikov Semyon (Trumpet) Russia
35. Alkhazova Alexandra (French horn) Russia
36. Trukhachev Vsevolod (French horn) Russia
37. Bogdanov Severyan (Trombone) Russia
38. Chen Jingwei (Trombone) China
39. Guan Zhenyu (French horn) China
40. Guryev Ilya (Tuba) Russia
41. Sinchinov Dmitry (Trumpet) Russia
42. Bachevich Stepan (Trumpet) Russia
43. Wang Yicheng (Trumpet) China
44. Wang Yankun (Trombone) China
45. Rublev Alexander (Trumpet) Russia
46. Loginov Nikita (Trumpet) Russia
47. Kokorin Denis (Tuba) Russia
48. Boldyr Aleksandr (French horn) Moldova

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