Digital brochure of the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition


For the convenience of live and online audience, this year the Competition Directorate has developed a unique format, a digital version of the brochure of the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition.

"Judging by the numerous positive reviews from the audience, many people have liked this innovation. Something we are glad about! Such a brochure does not need to be carried with you, it is not heavy, and it cannot be lost. Moreover, there is no need to purchase it, since the digital brochure of the competition is freely available in two languages. If the audience follows the competition from other cities or countries, they have comprehensive information about the competition, as well as those who listen in person," states the press service of the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition.

For those who are more comfortable (or more familiar) with the paper version of the brochure, the Competition Directorate has produced brochures about the participants in each of the specialities, with detailed programs of their performances, and from the beginning of the auditions, they can be purchased in the lobby of each of the halls. This information is also duplicated in a digital brochure, which is for people who still feel more comfortable watching the brochure on their devices.

The digital brochure of the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition is available in Russian and English:

We'd like to  remind you that the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition takes place from June 19 to July 1, 2023, in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 236 talented young musicians take part in the competition, including: 25 pianists, 25 violinists, 25 cellists, 30 vocalists (women) and 35 vocalists (men), 48 musicians playing woodwind instruments and 48 musicians playing brass instruments.

All the events of the music competition in Moscow and St. Petersburg are available for viewing live on the official website of the competition and in its  official VKontakte community. The total number of views of all broadcasts of the competition is about 7,000,000 times now.

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