The results of the First round of the XVII International Tchaikovsky Competition for the specialty Cello have been announced


Upon the Jury's decision, the following cellists are qualified for the second round:

Nikonov Daniil (Russia)
Vladyko Danila (Russia)
Guzov Vsevolod (Russia)
Efremov Bogdan (Russia)
Mukhametdinov Kamil (Russia)
Stepanov Vasily (Russia)
Lee Dongyeol (South Korea)  
Zaitseva Maria (Russia)
Lee Youngeun (South Korea)
Sendetckii Ivan (Russia)
Park Sanghyeok (South Korea)  
Kang Yeeun (South Korea)

25 contestants participated in the first round in the specialty Cello, held from the 20th till 22nd of June at the Glinka Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia. The Second round of auditions-recitals will start tomorrow, on June 23, 2023.

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