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XIII competition 2007

  • background

    Albina Shagimuratova (Russia), 1st prize winner of the Vocal Competition

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    Opening of the press center of the Competition

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    Mayuko Kamio (Japan), 1st prize winner of the Violin Competition.
    Vladimir Spivakov, Conductor

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    Miroslav Kultyshev (Russia), 2nd prize winner of the Piano Competition.
    Mark Gorenstein, Conductor

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    Sergey Antonov (Russia), 1st prize winner of the Cello Competition


I can’t remember the last time when there were so many top pianists in one competition. Precisely pianists, not musicians. As they say in Odessa, these are two big differences. We were very worried about how we would allow the musicians to the final... The work of the jury was absolutely honest... I never had to use the right of the second vote.

Nicolai Petrov

Competition laureates



  • 1st Prize

    Not awarded

  • 2nd Prize

    Miroslav Kultyshev (Russia)

  • 3rd Prize

    Alexander Lubyantsev (Russia)

  • 4th Prize

    Сергей Соболев (Россия)

    Донг-Хек Лим (Республика Корея)

  • 5th Prize

    Бенджамин Мозер (Германияа)

  • 6th Prize

    Фёдор Амиров (Россия)


  • 1st Prize

    Mayuko Kamio (Japan)

  • 2nd Prize

    Nikita Borisoglebsky (Russia)

  • 3rd Prize

    Jukki Manuela Janke (Germany)

  • 4th Prize

    Юн Соенг (Республика Корея)

  • 5th Prize

    Хен-Су Шин (Республика Корея)

  • 6th Prize

    Ван Чжицзюн (Китай)


  • 1st Prize

    Sergey Antonov (Russia)

  • 2nd Prize

    Alexander Buzlov (Russia)

  • 3rd Prize

    Istvan Vardai (Hungary)

  • 4th Prize

    Евгений Румянцева (Россия)

  • 5th Prize

    Нарек Ахназарян (Армения)

  • 6th Prize

    Давид Пиа (Швейцария)

Voice (male)

  • 1st Prize

    Alexander Tsymbalyuk (Ukraine)

  • 2nd Prize

    Dmitry Beloselsky (Russia)

  • 3rd Prize

    Maxim Paster (Ukraine)

  • 4th Prize

    Пётр Толстенко (Россия)

Voice (female)

  • 1st Prize

    Albina Shagimuratova (Russia)

  • 2nd Prize

    Olesya Petrova (Russia)

  • 3rd Prize

    Marika Gulordava (Georgia)

  • 4th Prize

    Анна Викторова (Россия)


Nikolai Petrov (Chairman; Russia)

Elena Richter (Executive Secretary; Russia)

Sergey Dorensky (Russia)

Dmitry Bashkirov (Russia)

Mikhail Voskresensky (Russia)

Harry Graffman (USA)

Hiroko Nakamura (Japan)

Sergio Perticaroli (Italy)

Kung Woo Pek (Republic of Korea)

Andrzej Jasinski (Poland)

Christopher Elton (Great Britain)

François-Joel Thiolier (France)

Peter Lanr (Austria)

José Sequeira-Costa (Portugal)

Klaus Helwig (Germany)

Joaquin Soriano (Spain)

Vladimir Spivakov (Chairman; Russia)

Evgeny Barankin (Executive Secretary; Russia)

Mikhail Gantvarg (Russia)

Marina Yashvili (Russia)

Sergey Kravchenko (Russia)

Alexey Gvozdev (Russia)

Takashi Shimizu (Japan)

Elisabetta Garetti (Italy)

Oleg Krysa (USA)

Boris Kushnir (Austria)

Sergiu Schwartz (USA)

Yu Lina (China)

Jean-Pierre Valais (Switzerland)

Nam Yoon Kim (Republic of Korea)

Zakhar Bron (Germany)

Natalia Shakhovskaya (Chairman; Russia)

Boris Ivashkevich (Executive Secretary; Russia)

Yuri Falik (Russia)

Maria Chaikovskaya (Russia)

Anatoly Nikitin (Russia)

Vladimir Tonkha (Russia)

Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi (Japan)

Eleonora Testelec (Latvia)

Lawrence Lesser (USA)

David Geringas (Germany)

Laszlo Meze (Hungary)

Daniel Weiss (Czech Republic)

Kazimir Michalik (Poland)

Ivan Monighetti (Switzerland)

Irina Bogacheva (Chairman; Russia)

Vladimir Galuzin (Russia)

Evgeny Nesterenko (Russia/Austria)

Pyotr Skusnichenko (Russia)

Sergio Segalini (Italy)

Grace Bumbry (USA)

Luigi Alva (Peru)

Alexandrina Milcheva (Bulgaria)

Angelo Gabrielli (Italy)

Virgilijus Noreika (Lithuania)

Zhao Yun Hong (China)